Want to give your hair and makeup business an income boost? Try being consistent in your marketing efforts. Although it may seem like you’re boring, consistency is what makes your business profits grow.

With so many online and offline marketing channels it’s easy to hop from one new marketing idea to the next. If you feel like you’ve tried all of the marketing tricks in the book, you may have been trying too hard.

So try a little less hard, and use the magic ingredient most hair and makeup professionals tend to overlook when promoting their business: being consistent.

Are you getting your marketing right? Let’s look at a few marketing inconsistencies and find out how you can reduce them.


#1 Cement your brand in the mind of your client

Mixed messages can damage your earnings. You want to cement your brand in the mind of your client, and that means keeping a consistent look, feel and voice. Achieve consistency by auditing all of your online and offline marketing channels every quarter. This goes for social media too. Make sure to keep your posts on brand, on message and consistent across all channels. Remember, sloppy posting can cost your business money!


#2 Deliver a seamless service, every visit

There is nothing worse than when someone walks through the door with a negative vibe. So when it comes to delivering a wow-experience, your clients shouldn’t be able to notice a difference whenever they book you. From the moment you walk through their door, remember to smile big, take a deep breath, and exhale whatever negative energy you might be carrying around with you. Want to learn some better ways to shake off negativity? Check out this blog for an awesome article about how to stay positive as a freelance hair and makeup professional.


#3 Communication is key

Don’t you find it annoying to be phoned by a business, when you’ve specifically asked for a text or email, not a call? With so many different clients and so many different ways, communication is an area where consistency counts. Clients do like to receive news and offers but always make sure you check how they prefer to be contacted and record the information.


#4 Check the figures

Being consistent in your marketing efforts also means being consistent about measuring them. Don’t just stick to the usual business stats but measure your core marketing tools too. For instance, if you want to know if you really are delivering a seamless service, check how many new clients you gained in this period and find out how many clients rebook you after their first appointment. If only 3 out of 10 clients return, chances are there is room for improvement. Want to find out if your social media is a success? Measure the engagement, and find out how many people use your online booking link or visit your website via social media.


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