You just joined Stylemee and are excited to grow your freelance hair and makeup business. You open your Stylemee profile, only to find yourself staring at a blank page. You think, “now what?”, and after 10 minutes, you give up and walk away.

New clients are visiting the Stylemee website everyday, looking for the freelance hair and makeup professional that best serves their needs. So if you keep postponing setting up your Stylemee profile, think about what you’ll be missing out on.

Need a little nudge in the right direction? Here are 5 reasons why you need to set up your Stylemee profile now!


#1 It doesn’t take much time

Did you know it only takes approximately 30 minutes to set up your Stylemee profile? Once you’ve signed up, we take you on a quick step-by-step journey to setting up a Stylemee profile. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our blog on how to create a compelling profile that converts.


#2 You’ll have all your info in one place

With your image gallery, experience, style philosophy, reviews and a complete list of services all in one place, new clients can easily find out all about you. Plus, you can say goodbye to digging up things like your paper calendar or trying to find that one message from that one client on three different mediums.


#3 You’re always available: anywhere, anytime

With the Stylemee Pro app, you can manage your freelance business at home, and on the go. Even when you’re busy with another client, sleeping, or just enjoying a well-deserved day off, your Stylemee profile will do the talking for you. And with the chat-function, you never have to miss a client inquiry again.


#4 It acts as a route for clients to find you

Stylemee is a great way for freelance hair and makeup professional to reach an audience you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach. All you have to do is sign up, and create a profile. “Without having to do anything, my reach has just expanded to as far as Stylemee reaches”, says Alarna Bell in a recent interview with Stylemee. We couldn’t have said it better.


#5 It gives clients control over their buying experience

Us humans love being in control. That’s why having a booking page is a must these days. When booking your services online, clients are able to choose exactly what they book and when they book it. By setting up a Stylemee profile, you can enable a more efficient and comfortable booking experience for your clients, plus it saves you time and money. That’s good for both you and the client!


Are you ready to reach more clients? Join Stylemee and make it super simple for clients to discover and book with you. We also give you the tips and tools you need to create a Stylemee profile that converts. Sign up now or download the Stylemee Pro app on iOS or Android.