Have you ever wondered how your innate interest in makeup, fashion, hairstyles, or photography can be made into a fully paying job?

If this is you, now is the right time. The gig economy has changed the way people work. Look at Uber’s fast track to success. That kind of success isn’t limited to cars. Style professionals, too, can get in on this trend.

In a June 2017 article in the Herald Sun, business journalist Tianna Nadalin heralds the freelance economy as the wave of the future in Australia. Citing a recent CSIRO report, Nadalin observed that in the future, jobs will need to be more “flexible, agile…and connected” — in other words, just what freelancers have to offer.

The style industry isn’t an exception. Those style professionals who get in on the first wave of this trend will have the edge on their competitors during the coming years. Here’s why:

1. Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility

As a freelance beautician, you can choose your own hours — and your clients. You can specialise in whatever aspect of the business that you like. Choose only the clients whose needs are suited to your skills.

2. Connect with Clients on a More Personal Basis

When you work for an employer, the employer — not you — controls access to clients. In a freelance client-stylist relationship, you are responsible for connecting with your clients. You can provide more personalised service, contact them with special offers and ‘thank-you’ gifts, and be more accessible to them than ever before. You can even encourage them to step out and find their own unique style, instead of pushing them towards your employer’s style standards.

3. Be Your Own CEO

Style professionals whose organising skills go unnoticed under the thumb of distant home offices thrive in a freelance environment. Instead of focusing exclusively on the short-term bottom line, a freelance stylist can build her or his business for the long term, concentrating on clients’ needs to attract a clientele that will become brand evangelists for the stylist. Word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best marketing strategies — and freelancers can better attract clients that will tell their brand’s story.

4. Build Your Personal Brand

As a freelance style professional you can develop your personal brand. As you exercise your creative and technical skills without a manager over your shoulder, you’ll discover your personal style and strengths. Those unique characteristics will become your brand — and, as a freelancer, you can promote your brand to those clients who will appreciate a stylist attuned to their preferences.

5. Cut the Middlemen out of Your Value Chain

Cutting the middlemen out of the value chain helps you increase your bottom line. Corporations are often heavy on middle management, decreasing your profit. As a freelancer working only with an online marketplace like Stylemee, you’ll become empowered to learn and grow. Your style — not that of a profit-hungry employer. And, instead of feathering someone else’s nest, you’ll see profits rise with more money going into your pockets, not those of middle management.

Escape the bureaucratic nightmare of working for a corporation. To realise your dream of putting clients first while retaining independence and artistic control, partner with Stylemee to grow your business and promote your personal brand.