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Stylemee partners with Fitted for Work to transform lives

As a startup, we at Stylemee believe that a company doesn’t need to grow into a large enterprise to make a difference in someone’s life. It should happen at all levels of a company’s growth.

We went out of our way to find noble causes to partner with in order to help women experience the best version of themselves through the right style. Fitted for Work made perfect sense for our vision.

Fitted for Work helps disadvantaged women to re-enter the workforce, empowered with confidence. Chief among these confidence-building programs is one that provides women with recycled yet stylish clothes that are appropriate for the workplace.

These women, though, needed to discover and define their personal style, to create hairstyles and makeup that help them express that style, and to be paired with the perfect outfit to show off their inner style.

Stylemee had the expertise to do just that. That’s what we do — every day of the week. We help people uncover that inner spirit that defines their very selves — their unique style.

To partner with Fitted for Work, then, was the perfect match.

We sent our stylists to meet several of Fitted for Work’s clients to see how our work would help them transform their lives.

The results were stunning. These women, from a diverse range of backgrounds and all of whom wanted to re-enter the workforce after various life events kept them out for years, found the strength to go after their dreams, inspired by their personal style transformations.

From Frustration to Confidence — A Transformative Style

One Pakistani woman, Andelib, arrived in Australia in 2008, yet she hadn’t found a job in the intervening ten years. After a few interviews, she changed her CV, her cover letter — anything to land her a job. The promised calls never came. Neither did the second interviews.

Fast forward ten years. I’m still waiting for that interview’, she told her stylist. ‘It’s a bit frustrating’, she said. That frustration showed on her face.

Her transformation stunned even the veteran Stylemee stylists. With a gorgeous black dress topped with a taupe sweater from Fitted for Work and a makeover from one of Stylemee’s stylists, she emerged with the confidence to take on the world. Makeup that complemented her dazzling olive complexion brought out her true beauty.

Admiring her new look in the mirror, she gushed, ‘It looks good. I’m really happy with my hair. I’m…comfortable in…what I’m wearing. Confident’.

Inner Beauty Translates into Job-Winning Confidence

Jenny, one of Stylemee’s expert stylists, put the company’s philosophy this way, “[All people] have different thinking, have [a] different image. I just want to bring their inner beauty out.”

Fitted for Work’s mission, to transform women by giving them “hope, confidence, and economic security through work,” dovetails well with Stylemee’s own. A woman’s inner beauty, expressed on her face and her clothing, shows forth that confidence — the Number One thing employers look for in a potential employee.

The stylists assess each woman’s facial shape, skin and eye colour, and body structure — as well as their personality — to create a seamless look for each of their clients.

Hidden Beauty Emerges, Strength Rises

Deborah, a Latrobe Uni student from Rwanda, has been in Australia for a year. Though she’s a brilliant student in the bachelor of business program, her style was anything but. “Ready to get anything” job-wise, in her words, she sought help from the Fitted for Work-Stylemee collaboration.

Her beautiful eyes retreated back into her head. Lips most women would kill for disappeared with nothing to accentuate them. Her beauty was, for all practical purposes, hidden.

With Stylemee’s intervention, she emerged a vision — with sparkling pink lips, her eyes finally in command, and with a business suit that gave her the authority befitting her station in life.

These makeovers last because Stylemee’s stylists create an easy-to-maintain, user-friendly makeup and hair care look that women can replicate easily. The company’s sense of social responsibility spurred it to take its style philosophy to the next level by helping others find their way in the competitive business world.

Armed with style, these women have the confidence to stride into interviews and get the job of their dreams.

Finding a better version of oneself is a daily mission here at Stylemee. Our focus is to solve the challenge of finding one’s unique style at a time and in a place that’s convenient for our customers. To use that goal to make a positive change in our society is a privilege.

You, too, can transform your style with the talented pros at Stylemee. Like these women, you, too, can discover that inner style that can catapult you to success — on the workplace — and for life. Get involved in this movement to discover and embrace your unique style. Find your new self at today.

Style is more than excentric

Your style. It’s something that runs as deep as your DNA. More than just your outer appearance, your style says something about your core values, your cultural upbringing — your very psyche.

Just like you can change some of the cards Nature dealt you — such as brown-coloured contact lenses to cover your baby blues — you can change your inner style. For that kind of sea change, though, says Professor Karen Pine, author and former professor of the psychology of fashion at Istanbul’s Bilgi University, you need to “look at life from a new perspective.” Here’s how:

Signature Style or Straitjacket?

What starts as a signature style can entrap you in a “straitjacket” of sorts, says Pine. That sort of trap can entrap more than your look. It can entrap your very thought process. Because research shows that your sense of style has a bigger effect on your behaviour than you might think, it pays to get out of your rut and embark on a “style adventure,” contends Pine. It can, she argues, change your life.

It’s not just the eggheads of the fashion world that think that way. Fashion bible Glamour agrees. Staff writer Alaina Vieru agrees that a given hairstyle can peg you as a “type.” Fringe bangs label you like a youthful charmer, while unkempt hair can make even the wearer feel “messy” if that look is outside their trademark style. Those who step out of their comfort zone often face their friends’ shock, as did Elizabeth Day when she shed her straightened hair for her natural curls only to have her friends label her as “zany.”

Embrace Your Unique Style

But according to celebrity hairstylist Luke Hersheson, the fashion world, too, has begun to embrace individuality. A zanier look, after all, may lead to a more freewheeling spirit — a great thing when one goes on holiday. It might even free you from ways of thought imposed on you from outside — your childhood, your friends, your culture — everything but your inner spirit.

It’s time to discover — and embrace your inner spirit. That may mean trying several looks before you discover your unique style. Or styles. As Pine points out, your style may embrace several looks — one for each of your moods.

If you feel at your best as a curly-haired drama queen on Saturday date night, but prefer a straight-haired, all-business look when you head to the annual meeting at work the next Monday, that’s fine. Or if you envision yourself a spacey hippie, straight out of the late 60s — every day of your life, that’s OK, too.

Give yourself permission to explore.

The adventure lies in the discovery.

Discover your unique style with one of the talented stylists at Find your freelance pro today — and begin your adventure!