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get discovered by clients
Use Stylemee to get discovered by new clients

Looking for ways to get discovered by new clients? When people are in the market for a hair and makeup artist, they search the Internet to find a professional that works for them.

They read reviews, browse portfolios, and compare value. But most importantly, they want to find everything they need in just one stop. That’s why you need to set up your Stylemee profile now.

Not only does Stylemee help you manage and grow your business on the go, it’s a great way to get more exposure to potential clients. You can showcase your work, share your experience, and give potential clients a taste of your personality so they know what to expect when booking you.

Are you ready to get discovered by new clients? Here’s how you can make the most of your Stylemee profile.


Without having to do anything, my reach has just expanded to as far as Stylemee reaches. Stylemee is just a fantastic way for freelance beauty professional to reach people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach. – Alarna Bell


Pick a niche and stick to it

Finding a niche is about as important as remembering to take your kit to that countryside wedding a day’s drive away. If you don’t, you won’t get very far.

With literally thousands of others who offer the same hair and makeup services as you, you need to stand out in one way or the other. What makes you different from all those other freelance hair and makeup professionals?

Position yourself in the industry by picking a niche and then stick to it. It makes it easier for potential clients to find you. Not sure how to find your niche? Check out our article “This is why you need a niche” for tips on how to stand out in the beauty industry crowd.


Create a look to solidify your brand

Another way to make yourself easier to find is by giving your Stylemee profile a consistent look. This will help solidify your brand and image. Think of the message you want your brand to convey and how you can translate that message into your content. All of the elements should work well together and give off the same vibe.

You are in a visual industry so make sure your photos are on brand. For more tips on taking the perfect picture, check out our article “Stylemee’s top tips for taking photos for your booking page”.


Make that first impression count

Aside from the visual aspect, another important aspect to consciously work on is your written message. The words you use on your Stylemee profile are part of your brand. This doesn’t mean you have to write a lengthy column of text. But you do want to make your potential clients’ eyes light up when they read your unique selling point.

At Stylemee, we call it our style philosophy. A good style philosophy tells potential clients they’re in the right hands with you in only a few seconds. So make sure you Keep It Short and Simple (or KISS).

It may require some digging before you find the gold, so check out our article “Why you need a style philosophy” for tips to help you find your style philosophy.


Join Stylemee and make it super simple for clients to discover and book with you. We also give you the tips and tools you need to create a Stylemee profile that converts. Sign up now or download the Stylemee Pro app on iOS or Android.



hair and makeup blog
How to write amazing hair and makeup blog posts

Running out of ideas on how to grow your freelance hair and makeup business? Get yourself a hair and makeup blog.

We can hear you think: why would I need a blog?

Well for one, Google loves a good blog. And if you know how to make Google excited, you will be rewarded with a higher search engine ranking for your website. Second, it’s a great way to show value to clients.

Convinced? Okay, now get out your laptop and start writing!

But what to write? How often? How long should my blog post be?

Getting started with blogging can be a bit complicated. So here’s Stylemee’s hair and makeup bloggers guide to get you started.


How often should I post a blog?

Now, before we get started on the content, let’s talk about quantity. Of course, generally speaking, quality is more important than quantity. However, when it comes to blogging, the trick is to be consistent. It doesn’t work if you post four blogs in as many weeks and then nothing for months.

Keep in mind that blogging is just one part of the many things you need to be doing. So think about how much time you could actually set aside for blogging. Our suggestion: posting a blog once a month is a good start.


What are the best topics for my blog?

Give your readers plenty of value and avoid overly promoting your services. Potential clients don’t want to be bombarded with “buy, buy, buy”-messages. The general rule of thumb is 80% value and 20% (or less) sales. So you really want to focus on what’s in it for your readers.

How do you find the best topics to write about? It’s simple. Take cues from the world around you. If the Melbourne Cup is coming up, share your best Spring Racing glam tips and ‘how to’ hair guides. Pregnant celebrity in the news? Write about new mum’s hair and makeup challenges or quick beauty tips.

If you want to give your blog post a little personality, don’t be afraid to pop in a couple of recommendations for hair products or makeup to help readers achieve the look. But remember to go lightly on them, we don’t want to overdo it.


How long should my blog post be?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as a number of words. There are a few things to consider when deciding what is the best length for your blog posts, such as who is your sweet spot client? And how long does the post have to be to say it all and resonate with its readers?

Yes, generally speaking, lengthy blogs score better on Google. But keep in mind that you’re writing for humans first, not Google. Give readers what they want regardless of how many words it takes to say it.


What else should I know about blogging?

You’ve written an amazing blog and you’re ready to hit “publish”. Before you do that, make sure to check your blog for spelling and grammatical errors. Think about it: does it make your reader feel good about you painting their face if the message you’re giving them is littered with errors? Probably not.

If spelling and grammar aren’t your forté, ask someone to proofread your blog and save yourself from sending out the wrong marketing message.

Finally, no matter how well-written your blog post is, a picture paints a thousand words. Spend a little time selecting an eye-catching image that captures the essence of your brand and the topic you’re blogging about. Websites like Pexels, Unsplash and rawpixel offer free stock images which are easy to choose and download.
Enjoy writing? You might be interested in our blog post with tips for writing top-notch press releases. Or check out some of our other articles on marketing ideas.


Why you need more glowing client reviews

Glowing client reviews have a strong impact on the success of your freelance hair and makeup business. Just think about it. Whenever you’re considering trying out a new restaurant, isn’t the first thing you do is go online and look for client reviews? Exactly.

You want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely when trying out a new restaurant. It’s not much different for the hair and makeup industry.

A lot of freelancers tend to overlook the importance of getting more client reviews, even though having those glowing online reviews will certainly help increase your profits. Still not convinced that your business needs more glowing client reviews? Keep reading.

Reviews boost credibility and increase bookings

Reviews are what build your reputation as a professional, and build trust and confidence for potential clients. Therefore, collecting client reviews needs to be on top of your marketing to-do list. If you don’t have client reviews on your profile, you have alienated 68% of clients who rely on these reviews to make a decision.

Reviews help improve your services

Capturing client reviews doesn’t only boost your bookings, it also provides you with important client feedback. Client feedback gives you insight into what is working well about your services and what you could do to make the experience even better. Use this feedback to improve your services.

Collecting reviews shows you value their opinions

By asking your clients for feedback, you show you value their opinions. Listening to their feedback helps to create stronger client relationships. It makes your client feel like your primary goal is solving their problems and fulfilling their needs, not just getting their money. It’s the perfect way to gain brand ambassadors who will spread positive word-of-mouth for you.

Reviews help reduce client retention

Happy clients become loyal customers. Unhappy clients will move on and try and find a better alternative to your services. However, by asking for client opinions regularly, you can keep a finger on the pulse. Each time an unhappy client expresses his or her disappointment, you can immediately respond. For more tips on how to respond to grouchy reviews, check out this blog.

Reviews are FREE marketing

As a freelancer, marketing can be quite expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Did you know two of the most effective marketing tools are FREE? We’re talking, of course, about client reviews and social media.

Online scheduling apps like Stylemee Pro make it easy to collect reviews so you can share them on your social media pages. After each appointment, clients are prompted to leave a review. These reviews are automatically posted to your booking page for potential clients to read. When you share your reviews on social media, make sure each post includes a link back to your booking page — the fewer steps clients have to take, the more likely they’ll be to push that book button.

Not signed up for Stylemee yet? Learn more here or download the Stylemee Pro app for iOS or Android.

Instagram Christmas marketing
6 Christmas Instagram marketing ideas for freelance beauty professionals

Christmas is a golden Instagram marketing opportunity for freelance beauty professionals. Everyone’s frantically searching for gift ideas, party-look inspiration, and last-minute hair and makeup bookings. A business opportunity you can’t afford to ignore.

With 39% of Australians on Instagram and social sharing increasing around the holidays, Christmas is the perfect time to raise brand awareness and get seen by a new local audience.

Wanna keep your Instagram interesting during the holidays? Here are six sparkling ideas for festive Instagram posts.


#1 Advent calendar

Increase engagement in the form of an advent calendar on Instagram. For instance, you could do 12 Days of Christmas hair and makeup tips, or a step-by-step Christmas hair and makeup guide.


#2 Capture the Christmas magic

Save some time for last-minute marketing opportunities that crop up in your bookings. Like that gorgeous Christmas bride, or stunning curly party updo. Capture those magical Christmas moments and share it on your social.


#3 Promote your Christmas availability

A great way to boost your Christmas bookings is by regularly posting about your December availability. Want to go all the way? Why not run a December special to boost your bookings even more.


#4 Start snapping now

As Christmas is fast approaching, your schedule will get busier and busier. Put time aside now to take photos and schedule your posts in advance for busy days when you won’t have time. Scheduling apps like Later or Hootsuite will automatically publish your scheduled post.


#5 Showcase gift ideas

December is the perfect time of year to do a bit of additional selling. Promote your beauty products, candles, gift cards, or other gift ideas with photos and price on Instagram, and add a link to your booking page in the bio.


#6 Christmas giveaway

A great way to build brand awareness locally is by doing a giveaway on Instagram. You could do a seasonal countdown, with a small giveaway each day, or a larger one that runs until Christmas. Make sure your terms and conditions say the giveaway is only available for residents of your local area.

Stay organised during busy times like these with the Stylemee Pro app. It’s the one-stop destination for freelance beauty professionals who want to grow their business and professional brand. Download the app on iTunes or Android.

December specials for beauty professionals
Stylemee’s favourite December specials: an inspiration guide for freelance beauty professionals

December is coming close, and if you’re a freelance beauty professional, your thoughts have probably turned to Christmas by now.

Maybe you wished you’d fired up your Christmas marketing earlier, or maybe your attempts so far didn’t get you the result you hoped for. Either way, there’s still enough time to get ahead of the game.

How? By running a December special.

A December special is an incentive for potential clients and shows your appreciation for your current clients. It keeps them thinking about you during this busy time of year.

Looking for ideas on promoting your beauty business this December? Check out our favourite December specials for freelance beauty professionals.


Daring December

December is the time of year when everyone’s super busy attending parties. And with that comes a look that says “I’m ready to party”. Offer clients who go for a daring new look in December a discount on all products purchased to support their new look.


Snap the perfect Christmas selfie

Client Christmas selfies are a win/win special for both you and your clients. As well as getting your client into the Christmas spirit, these selfies will be a sparkling collection of photos which you can use to promote your work on your social media

Simply invite your clients to snap a #ChristmasSelfie after the appointment. The result: a fun, festive reminder for your client, and free marketing for your social media.

Bonus tip: bring festive props to the appointment, like an empty picture frame with some traditional holly, ribbons and baubles added to it,


New Year’s rebooking reward

Christmas is an opportunity to thank your loyal clients. Reward them with New Year rebooking incentives, like a “Thank you” gift card. This way, you’re giving them a reason to rebook you in the quiet January weeks.


Get festive with friends

Clients trust their friends more than they trust brands, so why not run an Invite a Friend December special?

If your client invites a friend during a December booking, they will both receive a discount or a small extra, like a complimentary scalp massage. The idea is that the friend will be super-impressed and become a loyal, full-price paying, client.

By now, you must be brimming with festive ideas for December. But how do you stay organised during busy times like these? It’s simple. Download the Stylemee Pro app on iTunes and Android, the one-stop destination for freelance beauty professionals. 

Want to run a December special via Stylemee? Simply drop us a line, and we’ll arrange it for you!

top notch press release
10 Tips for writing a top-notch press release

A little press can be a game changer for us freelance professionals. Press helps to build credibility and will make you stand out from the crowd. However, the fact that you exist isn’t enough to get you featured in a magazine. You need a story. Because with the right story, instead of having to search for new clients, they will come to you. So, if you are done playing the waiting game with your freelance business, here are 10 tips to take matters into your own hands.


Tip #1: Embrace your story

What’s newsworthy about you? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be something completely mind-blowing. Just do a bit of soul-searching and come up with something authentic and creative. Once you embraced your story, make it obvious! From your “about”-page to your social profiles, you want to make it super simple for journalists to copy and paste your story.


Tip #2: Make your headline irresistible

You only have one line to capture your audience’s attention, make it worth their while. Check out this article for headline writing tips that’ll knock your audience’s socks off.


Tip #3: Get to the point quickly

Reporters, influencers, or followers don’t have time to sift through a fluffy background story. You have to tell them upfront why they should care. Use the first paragraph to cover the who, what why, where and how of your announcement.


Tip #4: Avoid dry, rigid wording

You don’t want to lose your audience in the first sentence.


Tip #5: Include visuals

Use images, videos, infographics, SlideShares, anything that’ll immediately capture your audience’s attention. Why? Because visual content gets shared more.


Tip#6: Talk about a current trend

Linking your press release to a current trend in your industry can help grab attention.


Tip #7: Summarize the “who” and the “what” of your business in a boilerplate

Describe what you do in clear, plain English — like your Style Philosophy! — , make your boilerplate short and sweet, and include a link to your Stylemee page.


Tip #8: You don’t have to start from scratch

Sometimes it’s easier to replicate success when you have examples to follow. Check out these awesome examples of press releases and be inspired!


Tip #9: A press release is no guarantee

Not everything you write will be picked up and shared. But don’t give up and keep trying. Persistence wins!


Tip #10: Join Stylemee for more tips & tricks on how to manage and grow your business

Enjoy the perks of being a Stylemee Pro and become part of a growing group of talented freelance professionals. You’ll also receive our exclusive guides to creating a profile that converts, getting booked and getting paid.

How to stay on track during 2018 spring racing season

The 2018 Spring Racing Season is fast approaching, and along with that comes a vibrant crowd from all over the world, ready for some glitter and glamour. The Melbourne Cup is not just famous for the thundering hooves against the Flemington Racecourse, each year, thousands of celebrities and fashionistas are trotting the track to see and be seen. It’s the best time of year for hair and makeup professionals. After all — everyone wants to look their best and there are lots of hair and makeup touch-ups to be done. For professionals who are new to the industry, managing a massive flow of clients can be a challenge. How do you make sure you don’t end up “off-track”? Let’s find out!


Plan ahead

Knowing that Spring Racing Season is right around the corner, you can make it easier on yourself by preparing in advance. Make sure you’ve got all of your beauty essentials in stock, and old tools replaced before the hordes start coming in. Also, don’t forget to keep an empty schedule, so you’ll have plenty of time to give each and every client the Spring Racing glam experience they deserve. At the end of the day, you do want your clients to rebook and recommend you to their friends and family. Finally, in case of an unplanned emergency, or you falling ill, make sure to have someone you can call for backup. This will help build trust with your clients.


Market yourself

People are already getting overwhelmed by everything they need to get organised before heading to Melbourne, they don’t even have time to think about their hair and makeup. That’s why now is the best time to start marketing your hair and makeup services for the races. Instagram is the perfect platform for marketing your services because it’s free, easy to understand, and it simply looks beautiful. Share your most beautiful photos, throw in a couple of seasonal hashtags (#melbournecup, #springracing), write a bio that’s Spring Racing Season-proof, and add the link to your personal Stylemee booking page.


Stay in touch

The thought of all these new clients coming in can be exciting, but don’t forget about your existing clientele. Just because you haven’t heard from them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact them either. A simple reminder email that your services are available during the Spring Racing Season can build customer loyalty and may give them a gentle push towards booking your services.

Stylemee makes it super simple for your clients to book your Spring Racing Season services, and for you to keep track of your appointments. The Stylemee Pro app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to manage your freelance hair and makeup business anytime, anywhere. Get new bookings, manage your calendar and payments, and discover a new way to grow your professional brand efficiently.

Woman on phone
Why you need a style philosophy

When new clients stumble upon your business profile, how do you make sure that your sweet spot client knows from the very first seconds that they’re in the right place? You need to stand out, and you need to do it really really well. You want to make other people’s eyes light up and ask you to tell more about your business. You need a Style Philosophy. Finding your style philosophy does require some soul-searching and creativity, so here are some tips to get you started.


Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to writing your style philosophy, it’s all about keeping it short and sweet. Remember, you want to convince your new client they’re in the right place in only a few seconds. You probably remember the famous words, “In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the drug store, we sell hope”. Charles Revson, founder of Revlon, changed the beauty industry forever by selling hope, instead of makeup, to the world.

Making the invisible visible

The best style philosophies directly address a specific need of your sweet spot client. Not only do you offer a solution to their problem, but you also offer something unique. “But what if I’m just an average hairdresser, doing pretty much the same as my competition?” Then you should think of something about your business or service that your competition could be saying but aren’t.

New clients are browsing through the Stylemee website every day, looking for a unique beauty experience. Your style philosophy is an important part of your Stylemee profile, or any other business profile you may have. Well communicated, your style philosophy will help new clients to understand quickly what you have to offer and why they should choose you over anyone else.

Be independent. Own your success and passion. Invest in your talent, while Stylemee does the rest! Sign up now on iOS or Android, and enjoy the benefits of being a Stylemee Pro.

Instagram on phone
Why you’re missing out if you’re not on Instagram

Are you a freelance style professional who’s not on Instagram? Well, you should be. Because if you’re not marketing on Instagram, you’re missing out. Instagram is a beautiful platform that has the unique ability to highlight visual content. It’s full of potential clients, eager to embrace their unique style, and connect with you, the freelance pro, on a more personal and tangible level. Oh, and did we mention it’s free marketing?


Instagram is for everyone

Regardless of the industry, anyone can use Instagram to reach and resonate with their sweet spot clients and tell their brand’s story. Content on Instagram is shareable, easy to understand, and it simply looks beautiful. Instagram is also Australia’s fastest growing social network, with 9-million monthly active Australian users. The style industry, in particular, is a visual industry, which makes Instagram the perfect platform to market your style services to potential clients.


There are some rules

Now, before you hop on your phone and start downloading the app, there are some rules when it comes to building a brand on Instagram. First of all, you need to create a compelling profile that makes you stand out from the crowd. Use your business name, or if you don’t have one, choose a name that’s catchy and easy to remember. Create a consistent look to help solidify your brand and make your feed look more appealing. Finally, write a bio that tells the world about you and your brand. Always end your bio with a call to action, such as “Book an appointment”, and don’t forget to link to your personal Stylemee booking page.

Make it look pretty

Now that you’ve picked a name, uploaded a profile photo, added a great bio, and picked your look, it’s time to fill your account with content. Post beautiful, unique, shareable, and engaging content that will attract and grow an audience. This can be anything from beauty and style trends to client selfies, and how-to videos, as long as your content fits your brand.

Finally, it’s time to bring in the hordes! When it comes to getting followers, engagement is key. Make it part of your daily routine to interact with potential and existing followers. Answer comments, go through your feed and like other people’s photos and make sure to always answer all of your messages. Also, don’t forget the hashtags! An effective hashtag strategy is one of the best ways to get your posts discovered by potential clients.

Having trouble setting up your Instagram page? Stylemee is here to help. We give you the tools and support you need to manage and grow your business. Join Stylemee and get ready to reach and attract more clients!

Stylemee partners with Fitted for Work to transform lives

As a startup, we at Stylemee believe that a company doesn’t need to grow into a large enterprise to make a difference in someone’s life. It should happen at all levels of a company’s growth.

We went out of our way to find noble causes to partner with in order to help women experience the best version of themselves through the right style. Fitted for Work made perfect sense for our vision.

Fitted for Work helps disadvantaged women to re-enter the workforce, empowered with confidence. Chief among these confidence-building programs is one that provides women with recycled yet stylish clothes that are appropriate for the workplace.

These women, though, needed to discover and define their personal style, to create hairstyles and makeup that help them express that style, and to be paired with the perfect outfit to show off their inner style.

Stylemee had the expertise to do just that. That’s what we do — every day of the week. We help people uncover that inner spirit that defines their very selves — their unique style.

To partner with Fitted for Work, then, was the perfect match.

We sent our stylists to meet several of Fitted for Work’s clients to see how our work would help them transform their lives.

The results were stunning. These women, from a diverse range of backgrounds and all of whom wanted to re-enter the workforce after various life events kept them out for years, found the strength to go after their dreams, inspired by their personal style transformations.

From Frustration to Confidence — A Transformative Style

One Pakistani woman, Andelib, arrived in Australia in 2008, yet she hadn’t found a job in the intervening ten years. After a few interviews, she changed her CV, her cover letter — anything to land her a job. The promised calls never came. Neither did the second interviews.

Fast forward ten years. I’m still waiting for that interview’, she told her stylist. ‘It’s a bit frustrating’, she said. That frustration showed on her face.

Her transformation stunned even the veteran Stylemee stylists. With a gorgeous black dress topped with a taupe sweater from Fitted for Work and a makeover from one of Stylemee’s stylists, she emerged with the confidence to take on the world. Makeup that complemented her dazzling olive complexion brought out her true beauty.

Admiring her new look in the mirror, she gushed, ‘It looks good. I’m really happy with my hair. I’m…comfortable in…what I’m wearing. Confident’.

Inner Beauty Translates into Job-Winning Confidence

Jenny, one of Stylemee’s expert stylists, put the company’s philosophy this way, “[All people] have different thinking, have [a] different image. I just want to bring their inner beauty out.”

Fitted for Work’s mission, to transform women by giving them “hope, confidence, and economic security through work,” dovetails well with Stylemee’s own. A woman’s inner beauty, expressed on her face and her clothing, shows forth that confidence — the Number One thing employers look for in a potential employee.

The stylists assess each woman’s facial shape, skin and eye colour, and body structure — as well as their personality — to create a seamless look for each of their clients.

Hidden Beauty Emerges, Strength Rises

Deborah, a Latrobe Uni student from Rwanda, has been in Australia for a year. Though she’s a brilliant student in the bachelor of business program, her style was anything but. “Ready to get anything” job-wise, in her words, she sought help from the Fitted for Work-Stylemee collaboration.

Her beautiful eyes retreated back into her head. Lips most women would kill for disappeared with nothing to accentuate them. Her beauty was, for all practical purposes, hidden.

With Stylemee’s intervention, she emerged a vision — with sparkling pink lips, her eyes finally in command, and with a business suit that gave her the authority befitting her station in life.

These makeovers last because Stylemee’s stylists create an easy-to-maintain, user-friendly makeup and hair care look that women can replicate easily. The company’s sense of social responsibility spurred it to take its style philosophy to the next level by helping others find their way in the competitive business world.

Armed with style, these women have the confidence to stride into interviews and get the job of their dreams.

Finding a better version of oneself is a daily mission here at Stylemee. Our focus is to solve the challenge of finding one’s unique style at a time and in a place that’s convenient for our customers. To use that goal to make a positive change in our society is a privilege.

You, too, can transform your style with the talented pros at Stylemee. Like these women, you, too, can discover that inner style that can catapult you to success — on the workplace — and for life. Get involved in this movement to discover and embrace your unique style. Find your new self at today.