There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on-the-spot when a client says you’re too expensive.

Hearing your services are overpriced is just part of being in business. In fact, if a client has never told you that you’re too expensive, you’re probably not charging enough.

Still, it stings, doesn’t it? But instead of getting offended, be prepared with an explanation, and learn to take advantage of the situation.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the conversation after a client says you charge too much.


Compared to what?

When a client tells you, “you’re too expensive”, they’re actually making an unconscious comparison. They’re measuring your rates against something else, and you don’t even know what that something else is.

Next time you hear a client saying your services are too expensive, ask them, “compared to what?” Maybe they’re comparing you to another stylist who may not be as experienced as you, and they don’t understand the true value of your services.


You get what you pay for

Some clients may have no idea what to expect when it comes to rates, so it’s important your clients understand they’re getting what they pay for. More experience, education, and skills equal a higher quality experience, which means higher rates.

Defining exactly why your rates what they are will teach both you and your client a lot about your services.

Only you know what your services are actually worth, so you must believe in your rates. If you know your rates reflect your experience and skill level, there’s no need to feel discouraged when someone says you’re too expensive.


You will always be too expensive for some people

No matter what you charge, you will always be too expensive for some people. It’s part of running a successful business.

Remember, not every client is a good fit for you, so it’s important to consider if a client is worth your time. If a client isn’t likely to book you again in the future or recommend you to their family and friends, it might be time to let them go.

However, sometimes, a client is genuinely interested but they may not be able to afford you at the moment. These serious potential clients may book you in the future, so it’s important to maintain a good relationship with them and communicate your value.

Your rates reflect your worth, and as long as you provide a valuable quality service, you will attract your sweet spot client. At Stylemee, we leave you in charge of pricing your services because we believe in transparency and flexibility.

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