As a freelance beauty professional, a huge part of our job is pleasing people. We’re mostly taught to be a buddy, rather than a boss. Especially, when you’re new to the independent life, you’re more likely to turn a blind eye to late cancellations, after hours calls, and rude clients. After all, they are clients! But that’s where you’re wrong. If you don’t set boundaries, you are hurting your business. Here are a few tips that will help you become the boss your business needs.


Make your boundaries clear

Being a freelance beauty professional can be very rewarding. You get to choose your own hours and clients, and you can specialise in whatever aspect of the industry you like. If you want to be successful, you need to set boundaries, or you might as well kiss that freedom goodbye. Maybe you’re not that comfortable enforcing boundaries at first but trust us: it’s in the best interest for both you and your clients. Clients who do not respect your boundaries will just end up costing you time and money. Plus, we often don’t take time to think about the importance of boundaries until we are completely stressed out. Check out this article for more tips and tricks to help you keep it professional, without having strict rules that can turn clients off.


Define your sweet spot client

We said it before, and we’ll say it again: stop trying to target everyone. When it comes to clientele, quality is better than quantity. So instead, find your sweet spot client. Marketing to a smaller group of clients is more beneficial in the long run. Maybe you won’t see tons of client bookings popping up in your inbox right away, but the clients you do attract will show up on time, book regularly, and recommend you to their family and friends.


Consistency is key

The Stylemee Pro app is the one-stop destination for both you and your client. Clients can book an appointment with you and contact you via the chat function. However, there will always be those clients who keep calling or texting you, even after hours. Block off some time in your calendar every day to answer client inquiries. If you’re consistent, your clients will form a habit and they will either stop contacting you after hours, or they will be perfectly fine waiting to hear back from you. You may be surprised how easy it is to put forward the best you, boundaries included!

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