Imagine you’re a client, looking for a unique beauty experience. You scavenge the Internet to look for a mobile hair and makeup artist in your area. How hard can it be? You soon realise you are sifting through a huge number of freelancers who offer mobile hair and makeup services. How do you decide which one’s the best? You’re probably most likely to pick the freelancer with the most compelling profile. So let’s take a look at how you can create a compelling business profile that converts.

Stand out from the crowd

Simply adding some basic information and a couple of photos to your profile isn’t going to get you, clients. If you want new clients to discover you and encourage clients to make a booking, make sure your “about” section is informative. Tell your clients how long you’ve been in business, what your special sauce is, and what kind of experience they can expect if they book you. Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Also, keep your sweet spot client in mind when creating your profile. So if you cater to brides, your profile needs to reflect that. Try to consider what’s important to your sweet spot client. Is it experience, style, cleanliness?

Picture perfect profile

There are a number of reasons why it’s so important to have a professional photo on your business profile. For instance, a photo of you makes your profile more approachable and human. Uploading a quality photo into your profile will help you make the right impression and increase the number of people who view your profile. If you can afford it, hire a photographer to get a couple of good-looking headshots. Otherwise, you can simply ask a (camera-savvy) friend or family member to take some shots of you, or you can take a selfie with your phone.

Let your work do the talking

The best way to present your unique style and display the skills and techniques you master is through photos of your work. Great photos can do most of the talking for you. The first rule: have an amazing first image! Show off your best work first to immediately capture your client’s attention. It’ll make them curious to find out what else you have in store for them. Make sure your photos are clean, without any distracting backgrounds, or filters. Looking for inspiration? Check out these 20 amazing makeup artist portfolios.

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