The holiday season, probably the most stressful time of the year for freelance beauty professionals. You have no real PTO and have to serve clients who don’t really care if you miss out on all the Christmas parties if it means they get to look beautiful on theirs.

However, there are some real benefits to freelancing during the holiday season, and with the right strategy, planning and attitude, you could be having the most wonderful time of the year.

Here are the top things you can do now to prepare your freelance beauty business for the holiday season.


Let’s talk boundaries

It’s not just you who’s booked solid in December. Your clients are probably swamped too. If you don’t set boundaries, clients will try booking last minute or outside of your regular hours, or even start messaging you once they realize you don’t have many openings left.

So, the first thing to do is block off your own holiday and personal time. In order to put forward the best you, you need your rest. Plus, you deserve it!

Next, if you’re planning on opening up extra holiday hours for booking, let your clients know in advance. Tell them your schedule is super busy during the holiday season and you won’t be able to accommodate any requests outside of these hours.


Pre-booking for peace of mind

Want to avoid booking stress during the holiday season? Get clients to pre-book appointments.

Make an announcement on your booking page, website, or social media page that your holiday schedule is filling up quickly, and if clients want to secure a spot, they’ll need to book their holiday appointment as soon as possible.

Not only does a calendar filled with pre-bookings means peace of mind for you, but it also avoids last-minute panic for clients. They can book their holiday appointment at the time that suits them best.


Post your #holidaylook on Instagram

If filling empty columns is still on your to-do list, the best way to get clients to book a holiday appointment is by posting your best holiday looks on Instagram.

Remember to include a clear call to action in your post, such as “Want to sparkle just like @client during the holidays? Click on the link in bio to book your holiday appointment before my schedule fills up!”


‘Tis the season to be selling

The holiday season is the season to be selling, so why not add a holiday package to the menu? Take some of your most booked services and create a special package that’s only available during the holidays.

Not only does this encourage clients to spend a little extra, but it’s also an opportunity for them to try a new service they might continue booking in the future.


Season’s greetings

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to thank your loyal clients, reward them and get them booked in for the new year. Show loyal clients you appreciate them with something as simple as a personal thank you card or email.

For those sweet spot clients, who love your services, who buy additional products or services from you, who re-book you, and who recommend you to their friends and family, give them a small complimentary add-on service or a “Thank You” gift card for your services.

This way, you’re giving your loyal clients a reason to come back. Plus, you’re filling those gaps in the quite January weeks.


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