Many dream of being a freelancer in the style industry. They picture a glamorous career, travelling the world with celebrities and supermodels. But let’s get real for a moment. Freelancing means doing business. And doing business can be tough. Sure, being a freelancer can be a rewarding and versatile career. You’re your own boss, you get to decide when and how much you work, you set your own rates, and you get to choose your clients. But you’re also the sole bearer of all the struggles that come along with the job. Let’s take a look.


No guarantees

Probably the scariest part of being a freelancer is the uncertainty that comes with the job. It’ll take a while for you to build a solid client base and get your name out there. There’s no guaranteed work or paycheck, and you work long and often weird hours. Plus you’ve got to deal with business seasonality. The financial and mental stress will make you feel discouraged at times, maybe even to the point where you want to give up. But persistence is key, and the freelancers who push through will make their way to success. Are you just starting out and struggling to get hired? Check out these top 10 tips by QC Makeup Academy on how to get hired as a freelancer.

Multiple hats

Freelancing means you’re not just a hairdresser or makeup artist but also a CEO, marketer, bookkeeper, and so on. As a freelancer, a lot of your time will go towards promoting your business and dealing with things like bookkeeping and taxes. You need to stay on top of client bookings, emails, your social media presence, planning your day and building a professional toolkit. You’re fully responsible for yourself, your business, and your clients. Staying organised will not only save you time but money too. Plus showing your clients you’re organised will make them feel like they’re in good hands. A smart approach to staying organised as a mobile stylist is going paperless. Pros: you don’t have to worry about growing piles of paper and you can easily access your files on the go. Popsugar created this list with the best free mobile apps that’ll help you get your sh*t together without using paper.

The lone wolf

As a freelancer, you probably believe that you’re in it alone. Believe us, you’re not! For many freelancers, the struggle is real. In fact, most of your struggles have already been solved by other freelancers in the past. So, why not team up with fellow freelance pros and help each other out? Join an (online) community for daily inspiration, empowerment, business support and growth. You can find several support groups on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Our personal favourite: Stylemee Freelance Pros!

At Stylemee, we help you on your journey towards becoming a successful freelance pro. We help you survive the freelance struggles by offering a platform to showcase your work and book client appointments. On top of that, we help you manage and grow your business. Join Stylemee now!