Running out of ideas on how to grow your freelance hair and makeup business? Get yourself a hair and makeup blog.

We can hear you think: why would I need a blog?

Well for one, Google loves a good blog. And if you know how to make Google excited, you will be rewarded with a higher search engine ranking for your website. Second, it’s a great way to show value to clients.

Convinced? Okay, now get out your laptop and start writing!

But what to write? How often? How long should my blog post be?

Getting started with blogging can be a bit complicated. So here’s Stylemee’s hair and makeup bloggers guide to get you started.


How often should I post a blog?

Now, before we get started on the content, let’s talk about quantity. Of course, generally speaking, quality is more important than quantity. However, when it comes to blogging, the trick is to be consistent. It doesn’t work if you post four blogs in as many weeks and then nothing for months.

Keep in mind that blogging is just one part of the many things you need to be doing. So think about how much time you could actually set aside for blogging. Our suggestion: posting a blog once a month is a good start.


What are the best topics for my blog?

Give your readers plenty of value and avoid overly promoting your services. Potential clients don’t want to be bombarded with “buy, buy, buy”-messages. The general rule of thumb is 80% value and 20% (or less) sales. So you really want to focus on what’s in it for your readers.

How do you find the best topics to write about? It’s simple. Take cues from the world around you. If the Melbourne Cup is coming up, share your best Spring Racing glam tips and ‘how to’ hair guides. Pregnant celebrity in the news? Write about new mum’s hair and makeup challenges or quick beauty tips.

If you want to give your blog post a little personality, don’t be afraid to pop in a couple of recommendations for hair products or makeup to help readers achieve the look. But remember to go lightly on them, we don’t want to overdo it.


How long should my blog post be?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as a number of words. There are a few things to consider when deciding what is the best length for your blog posts, such as who is your sweet spot client? And how long does the post have to be to say it all and resonate with its readers?

Yes, generally speaking, lengthy blogs score better on Google. But keep in mind that you’re writing for humans first, not Google. Give readers what they want regardless of how many words it takes to say it.


What else should I know about blogging?

You’ve written an amazing blog and you’re ready to hit “publish”. Before you do that, make sure to check your blog for spelling and grammatical errors. Think about it: does it make your reader feel good about you painting their face if the message you’re giving them is littered with errors? Probably not.

If spelling and grammar aren’t your forté, ask someone to proofread your blog and save yourself from sending out the wrong marketing message.

Finally, no matter how well-written your blog post is, a picture paints a thousand words. Spend a little time selecting an eye-catching image that captures the essence of your brand and the topic you’re blogging about. Websites like Pexels, Unsplash and rawpixel offer free stock images which are easy to choose and download.
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