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Why you need a style philosophy

When new clients stumble upon your business profile, how do you make sure that your sweet spot client knows from the very first seconds that they’re in the right place? You need to stand out, and you need to do it really really well. You want to make other people’s eyes light up and ask you to tell more about your business. You need a Style Philosophy. Finding your style philosophy does require some soul-searching and creativity, so here are some tips to get you started.


Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to writing your style philosophy, it’s all about keeping it short and sweet. Remember, you want to convince your new client they’re in the right place in only a few seconds. You probably remember the famous words, “In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the drug store, we sell hope”. Charles Revson, founder of Revlon, changed the beauty industry forever by selling hope, instead of makeup, to the world.

Making the invisible visible

The best style philosophies directly address a specific need of your sweet spot client. Not only do you offer a solution to their problem, but you also offer something unique. “But what if I’m just an average hairdresser, doing pretty much the same as my competition?” Then you should think of something about your business or service that your competition could be saying but aren’t.

New clients are browsing through the Stylemee website every day, looking for a unique beauty experience. Your style philosophy is an important part of your Stylemee profile, or any other business profile you may have. Well communicated, your style philosophy will help new clients to understand quickly what you have to offer and why they should choose you over anyone else.

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How to create a compelling profile that converts

Imagine you’re a client, looking for a unique beauty experience. You scavenge the Internet to look for a mobile hair and makeup artist in your area. How hard can it be? You soon realise you are sifting through a huge number of freelancers who offer mobile hair and makeup services. How do you decide which one’s the best? You’re probably most likely to pick the freelancer with the most compelling profile. So let’s take a look at how you can create a compelling business profile that converts.

Stand out from the crowd

Simply adding some basic information and a couple of photos to your profile isn’t going to get you, clients. If you want new clients to discover you and encourage clients to make a booking, make sure your “about” section is informative. Tell your clients how long you’ve been in business, what your special sauce is, and what kind of experience they can expect if they book you. Don’t be afraid to show some personality. Also, keep your sweet spot client in mind when creating your profile. So if you cater to brides, your profile needs to reflect that. Try to consider what’s important to your sweet spot client. Is it experience, style, cleanliness?

Picture perfect profile

There are a number of reasons why it’s so important to have a professional photo on your business profile. For instance, a photo of you makes your profile more approachable and human. Uploading a quality photo into your profile will help you make the right impression and increase the number of people who view your profile. If you can afford it, hire a photographer to get a couple of good-looking headshots. Otherwise, you can simply ask a (camera-savvy) friend or family member to take some shots of you, or you can take a selfie with your phone.

Let your work do the talking

The best way to present your unique style and display the skills and techniques you master is through photos of your work. Great photos can do most of the talking for you. The first rule: have an amazing first image! Show off your best work first to immediately capture your client’s attention. It’ll make them curious to find out what else you have in store for them. Make sure your photos are clean, without any distracting backgrounds, or filters. Looking for inspiration? Check out these 20 amazing makeup artist portfolios.

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This is why you need a niche

The beauty industry is rife with competitive saturation. With so many hair and makeup artists out there, it’s hard to gain a foothold. And if you don’t stand out, you’re at risk of being forgotten. But how do you stand out in a seemingly over-crowded industry? According to Patrick Starr, who turned his love for makeup into a YouTube empire, it’s all about discovering your niche.

When something is different, something is seen

We always find ourselves drawn to things that are different. It’s part of human survival and allows us to decide whether an unfamiliar object is dangerous, exciting, or useful. These same principles apply in marketing. When something is different, something is seen. Starr used this principle to position himself in the beauty industry. He did something unconventional. He combined his love for makeup with humour and education and communicated it through the lens of a male personality. He found himself a niche in a space that’s mostly dominated by women.

Find your niche and dig in

As a freelance hair and makeup artist, you’re not in the game alone. There are others who offer the same hair and makeup services as you. So what makes you different? One way to find out is by studying your competitors. Check their websites or social media pages and look for what’s included in their services. What does your service include that nobody else’s does? Maybe you specialise in makeup for darker skin tones, or maybe you’re the best in styling curly hair. Another way to find your niche is to look at your sweet spot client and identify their needs. This will help you figure out what to offer to best serve them, have them rebook in hordes, and leave glowing reviews.

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Top secrets for setting your rates

Pricing our services is often one of the most challenging tasks for freelancers, yet it’s the most important one when trying to make a living. Newbies, in particular, are terrified to ask for their worth. But even the most seasoned pros sometimes struggle to set the right rates. If you charge too much, the potential client may decide to hire someone else. But if you charge too little, you may be perceived as ‘cheap’ and end up struggling to scrape by. So how can you figure out the best pricing for your business? We’ll let you in on a few secrets for setting your rates.

There’s nothing wrong with making a profit

Any business owner knows you’re in business to make a profit and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how you grow and become financially independent. So if you’re barely breaking even, you probably set your rates too low. When it comes to setting your rates, the first thing you want to do is figure out your expenses. How much do you spend on products and other resources? What are your travel expenses? How much time do you spend on other tasks, such as marketing and administration? — Yes, this is an expense too! You’d want to add about 40–50% profit on top of your expenses.

Value vs cheap

“But what if my clients think my rates are ridiculous?” These doubts and fears are natural and normal, but they don’t define your worth. No matter what you charge, you will always be too expensive for some people, and that’s okay. There’s a place in the market for every price point. And don’t forget, you’re not just selling a service, you’re selling your time as well. Squander it on low-paying gigs, and you won’t earn a lot. Instead, focus on offering quality services and gain clients that will pay your worth. You can work less and make just as much as you did at a lower rate. Besides, you want to have enough time do a good job, so clients will leave glowing reviews and keep coming back for more. Therefore, the value is the keyword you should be focusing on, not cheap.

Know your worth

People will pay you what they think you’re worth, so it’s important to know your worth. Take a moment to think about what your clients’ needs are and how you meet them. What unique skills do you have that makes you qualified to serve your clients? What do you do that no one else does? What problems do you solve for your clients? What value do you give them? Answering these questions will help you see the value your clients get from booking you. And once you know your worth, you need to start taking responsibility for it and communicate your value to clients.

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How to increase your rebook rate in style

Does having clients who are raving about you, re-book in hordes, and recommend you to their friends sounds like cloud-cuckoo-land to you? Guess what! You can make it happen: by giving your clients a unique style experience. So next time you meet up with a client, put these tips into practice and watch your business bloom!

Why try?

Having your clients book the next appointment before leaving is a win-win situation for both you and your client. Rebooking helps increase the frequency of appointments and decrease the chance of your client booking someone else. For you, a calendar filled with pre-bookings means peace of mind. Plus, being in demand is an amazing confidence boost! For clients, rebooking help builds trust and will give them a better overall experience. Regular visits mean no last-minute panic or waiting to be fitted in. They can book their next appointment at the time that suits them best.

7-star experience

When done right, client consultations can be an incredibly powerful tool to get your clients to come back for more, buy additional products or services, and give you a glowing review. You would want to give them such an amazing experience that 5 stars simply aren’t enough. Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky calls this the “7-star Design Principle”, “At Airbnb, we strive to have our customers contact the company and demand a 6th star be added to our 5-star review because the experience was so good”.

Client consultation

Even if your client is a regular, you can’t just assume you know what they want. So sit down, pin your ears back, and listen. A good consultation begins with getting to know your client, so don’t be afraid to ask (open) questions. Find out what your client’s strengths and weaknesses are at the beginning of your appointment, so you can tailor the conversation throughout the experience. For instance, if you’re a hairdresser, you can ask your clients about their hair routine at home, or you can ask them what their thoughts are on their natural hair colour. Then offer your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

By the end of the appointment, present them with some of the products or services you have suggested and give them a few date options of when you would like to see them for their next styling experience. Online booking and appointment scheduling marketplaces like Stylemee make it super simple for your clients to (re-)book. And you benefit too! Join the Stylemee Movement and get help managing and growing your freelance business or check out our other articles for more business tips.

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Why you’re missing out if you’re not on Instagram

Are you a freelance style professional who’s not on Instagram? Well, you should be. Because if you’re not marketing on Instagram, you’re missing out. Instagram is a beautiful platform that has the unique ability to highlight visual content. It’s full of potential clients, eager to embrace their unique style, and connect with you, the freelance pro, on a more personal and tangible level. Oh, and did we mention it’s free marketing?


Instagram is for everyone

Regardless of the industry, anyone can use Instagram to reach and resonate with their sweet spot clients and tell their brand’s story. Content on Instagram is shareable, easy to understand, and it simply looks beautiful. Instagram is also Australia’s fastest growing social network, with 9-million monthly active Australian users. The style industry, in particular, is a visual industry, which makes Instagram the perfect platform to market your style services to potential clients.


There are some rules

Now, before you hop on your phone and start downloading the app, there are some rules when it comes to building a brand on Instagram. First of all, you need to create a compelling profile that makes you stand out from the crowd. Use your business name, or if you don’t have one, choose a name that’s catchy and easy to remember. Create a consistent look to help solidify your brand and make your feed look more appealing. Finally, write a bio that tells the world about you and your brand. Always end your bio with a call to action, such as “Book an appointment”, and don’t forget to link to your personal Stylemee booking page.

Make it look pretty

Now that you’ve picked a name, uploaded a profile photo, added a great bio, and picked your look, it’s time to fill your account with content. Post beautiful, unique, shareable, and engaging content that will attract and grow an audience. This can be anything from beauty and style trends to client selfies, and how-to videos, as long as your content fits your brand.

Finally, it’s time to bring in the hordes! When it comes to getting followers, engagement is key. Make it part of your daily routine to interact with potential and existing followers. Answer comments, go through your feed and like other people’s photos and make sure to always answer all of your messages. Also, don’t forget the hashtags! An effective hashtag strategy is one of the best ways to get your posts discovered by potential clients.

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Sweet spot client
How to find your sweet spot client

First off- congrats! You got the skills you need. You built a fantastic website and start offering your services. You even gave up your nine-to-five job to pursue your lifelong dream of becoming a freelance professional. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today, and you are on the verge of an exciting and rewarding journey to success. You can decide exactly what kind of professional you want to be and work with the clients you want. But how do you decide who your sweet spot client is?


Stop trying to target everyone

Not everyone needs what you offer. Therefore, trying to attract everyone is a waste of effort and dollars. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “But, I don’t want to exclude anybody. Won’t I lose business if I narrow it down?” The answer is no. If a client is not in your sweet spot, they’re probably more trouble than they’re worth. Besides, do you really want to attract those penny pinchers, the chronically late, and the rude? Not only are they a waste of time, but they could also potentially ruin your image.


The 80/20 rule

Did you know that about 80 percent of your profits come from only 20 percent of your clients? If we have to believe Perry Marshall, author of the book “80/20 Sales & Marketing”, we should “paddle away from the 80 percent of your clients who cause problems, and focus on the 20 percent who buy the most from you”. Aka, your sweet spot clients. Sweet spot clients are clients who love your services, who buy additional products or services from you, who re-book you, and who recommend you to their friends and family.


Start targeting your sweet spot client

Finding your sweet spot client means getting to know them, starting with the basics. What’s your sweet spot clients’ age? Is (s)he a man or a woman? What services do they usually get? And how much are they willing to pay for the services? Once you’ve got this written down, you can start thinking of ways to connect with them. Social media is great to connect with millennials or those who are a bit more tech savvy. But an older crowd will be more active in physical locations, such as the local spa. Start thinking about what the life of your sweet spot client looks like, and ideas about how to connect with them will follow.

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A freelance professional’s guide to getting glowing reviews

No matter how talented you are, your online presence on listing and review sites is quickly growing to become the first impression of you that clients have. Reviews boost your credibility and increase your bookings, and the best part is: it’s free marketing! But how do you get your clients raving about you, re-booking in hoards and recommending you to their friends? Give them a unique styling experience. And then ask them to write a review. Yes, it’s that simple! Let’s find out more.

Your clients are your business

Ignore their needs at your own risk. One of the reasons why customers choose to use a mobile hair & make-up artist is because they want that luxury salon experience within the comforts of their own home. This means you have to provide outstanding customer service and give your client a unique styling experience that’ll make them want to come back for more. In doing so, word will get around about your outstanding care and more clients will be drawn to your mobile business.

Take action, show heart

The next step is encouraging your wowed clients to tell the world. This shouldn’t be too hard. After all, 68% of people are willing to leave a review when asked. Don’t forget to always respond to reviews. Say thank you to clients who wrote you a glowing review and don’t duck out if you do get a grouchy review! Make it your chance to shine. After all, a poor review handled well can be just as powerful as a positive review. Acknowledge the issue, tell your client the steps you are taking to ensure them this kind of service lapse doesn’t happen in the future and offer him/her a practical solution to his/her complaint. As a result, you’ll be demonstrating to new and existing clients that they can trust you to deliver a unique styling experience.

No news is good news

Right? Wrong. Clients are becoming more review-savvy. In Australia, 68% of people read online reviews and blogs before making a decision. Word of mouth is key when it comes to making purchase decisions, and prospective clients read an average of eight reviews before trusting a business. Put yourself in your client’s shoes: Would you book an appointment with a new freelancer who doesn’t have any reviews? Exactly. So register on those review sites now and get your marketing for free.

Online booking and appointment scheduling marketplaces like Stylemee make it easier for you to collect and share your client reviews. Within a few hours after the appointment, your client will receive a prompt, asking them to leave a review. But that’s not all, we also help you on your journey towards becoming a successful freelance professional and give you the tools you need to manage and grow your business. Sign up now!

How to survive the freelance struggles

Many dream of being a freelancer in the style industry. They picture a glamorous career, travelling the world with celebrities and supermodels. But let’s get real for a moment. Freelancing means doing business. And doing business can be tough. Sure, being a freelancer can be a rewarding and versatile career. You’re your own boss, you get to decide when and how much you work, you set your own rates, and you get to choose your clients. But you’re also the sole bearer of all the struggles that come along with the job. Let’s take a look.


No guarantees

Probably the scariest part of being a freelancer is the uncertainty that comes with the job. It’ll take a while for you to build a solid client base and get your name out there. There’s no guaranteed work or paycheck, and you work long and often weird hours. Plus you’ve got to deal with business seasonality. The financial and mental stress will make you feel discouraged at times, maybe even to the point where you want to give up. But persistence is key, and the freelancers who push through will make their way to success. Are you just starting out and struggling to get hired? Check out these top 10 tips by QC Makeup Academy on how to get hired as a freelancer.

Multiple hats

Freelancing means you’re not just a hairdresser or makeup artist but also a CEO, marketer, bookkeeper, and so on. As a freelancer, a lot of your time will go towards promoting your business and dealing with things like bookkeeping and taxes. You need to stay on top of client bookings, emails, your social media presence, planning your day and building a professional toolkit. You’re fully responsible for yourself, your business, and your clients. Staying organised will not only save you time but money too. Plus showing your clients you’re organised will make them feel like they’re in good hands. A smart approach to staying organised as a mobile stylist is going paperless. Pros: you don’t have to worry about growing piles of paper and you can easily access your files on the go. Popsugar created this list with the best free mobile apps that’ll help you get your sh*t together without using paper.

The lone wolf

As a freelancer, you probably believe that you’re in it alone. Believe us, you’re not! For many freelancers, the struggle is real. In fact, most of your struggles have already been solved by other freelancers in the past. So, why not team up with fellow freelance pros and help each other out? Join an (online) community for daily inspiration, empowerment, business support and growth. You can find several support groups on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Our personal favourite: Stylemee Freelance Pros!

At Stylemee, we help you on your journey towards becoming a successful freelance pro. We help you survive the freelance struggles by offering a platform to showcase your work and book client appointments. On top of that, we help you manage and grow your business. Join Stylemee now!


5 Reasons why you should become a freelance stylist

Have you ever wondered how your innate interest in makeup, fashion, hairstyles, or photography can be made into a fully paying job?

If this is you, now is the right time. The gig economy has changed the way people work. Look at Uber’s fast track to success. That kind of success isn’t limited to cars. Style professionals, too, can get in on this trend.

In a June 2017 article in the Herald Sun, business journalist Tianna Nadalin heralds the freelance economy as the wave of the future in Australia. Citing a recent CSIRO report, Nadalin observed that in the future, jobs will need to be more “flexible, agile…and connected” — in other words, just what freelancers have to offer.

The style industry isn’t an exception. Those style professionals who get in on the first wave of this trend will have the edge on their competitors during the coming years. Here’s why:

1. Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility

As a freelance beautician, you can choose your own hours — and your clients. You can specialise in whatever aspect of the business that you like. Choose only the clients whose needs are suited to your skills.

2. Connect with Clients on a More Personal Basis

When you work for an employer, the employer — not you — controls access to clients. In a freelance client-stylist relationship, you are responsible for connecting with your clients. You can provide more personalised service, contact them with special offers and ‘thank-you’ gifts, and be more accessible to them than ever before. You can even encourage them to step out and find their own unique style, instead of pushing them towards your employer’s style standards.

3. Be Your Own CEO

Style professionals whose organising skills go unnoticed under the thumb of distant home offices thrive in a freelance environment. Instead of focusing exclusively on the short-term bottom line, a freelance stylist can build her or his business for the long term, concentrating on clients’ needs to attract a clientele that will become brand evangelists for the stylist. Word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best marketing strategies — and freelancers can better attract clients that will tell their brand’s story.

4. Build Your Personal Brand

As a freelance style professional you can develop your personal brand. As you exercise your creative and technical skills without a manager over your shoulder, you’ll discover your personal style and strengths. Those unique characteristics will become your brand — and, as a freelancer, you can promote your brand to those clients who will appreciate a stylist attuned to their preferences.

5. Cut the Middlemen out of Your Value Chain

Cutting the middlemen out of the value chain helps you increase your bottom line. Corporations are often heavy on middle management, decreasing your profit. As a freelancer working only with an online marketplace like Stylemee, you’ll become empowered to learn and grow. Your style — not that of a profit-hungry employer. And, instead of feathering someone else’s nest, you’ll see profits rise with more money going into your pockets, not those of middle management.

Escape the bureaucratic nightmare of working for a corporation. To realise your dream of putting clients first while retaining independence and artistic control, partner with Stylemee to grow your business and promote your personal brand.