When running a mobile beauty business, everything happens on the go. Most of you don’t even have time to sit down and have a proper bite to eat. So how are you supposed to find time to constantly dig up things like your paper calendar? Or look for that one message from that one client? You’re pretty sure you talked to her on Facebook Messenger.. Or was it on Instagram? Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your freelance business anywhere, anytime? With the Stylemee Pro app, you can!


Manage your business on the go

Actually, it’s been around for a little while now, but we’re very excited to officially introduce you to the Stylemee Pro app, available on iOS and Android. The Stylemee Pro app helps freelance beauty professionals stay on top of their life. Not only does the app give you an overview of all of your Stylemee bookings, but there’s also an option for adding private appointments and bookings outside of Stylemee. This way, you’ll stay organized, focused, and you’ll get more done. Plus, you never have to apologize for a double booking again or miss out on some well-deserved me time — yes, you deserve it so you go ahead and schedule it in now!


No more pestering phone calls

Work smarter, not harder! Clients don’t recommend you to their friends and family because you answer your phone in the middle of the night, they recommend you because of the experience you offer. The Stylemee Pro app also has a chat function that allows you to get in touch with your clients wherever you are. This way, you don’t have to deal with after-hours calls. Tip: Block off some time on your calendar every day to answer client inquiries.


Get booked, get paid!

With Stylemee, you never have to worry about following up on non-paying clients ever again. Stylemee lets you get paid easily and secure. We use Stripe as a payment tool, and client payments are safely secured up front. After the appointment is done, your payment will be released directly into your bank account. The Stylemee Pro app allows you to easily check on your monthly earnings, whenever you want.

We believe that every freelance beauty professional deserves a chance to grow and be successful, regardless if you’re a seasoned pro or new to the field. With Stylemee, you can just focus on your work, while we manage everything else. Join our growing community of talented freelance professionals now!