The beauty industry is rife with competitive saturation. With so many hair and makeup artists out there, it’s hard to gain a foothold. And if you don’t stand out, you’re at risk of being forgotten. But how do you stand out in a seemingly over-crowded industry? According to Patrick Starr, who turned his love for makeup into a YouTube empire, it’s all about discovering your niche.

When something is different, something is seen

We always find ourselves drawn to things that are different. It’s part of human survival and allows us to decide whether an unfamiliar object is dangerous, exciting, or useful. These same principles apply in marketing. When something is different, something is seen. Starr used this principle to position himself in the beauty industry. He did something unconventional. He combined his love for makeup with humour and education and communicated it through the lens of a male personality. He found himself a niche in a space that’s mostly dominated by women.

Find your niche and dig in

As a freelance hair and makeup artist, you’re not in the game alone. There are others who offer the same hair and makeup services as you. So what makes you different? One way to find out is by studying your competitors. Check their websites or social media pages and look for what’s included in their services. What does your service include that nobody else’s does? Maybe you specialise in makeup for darker skin tones, or maybe you’re the best in styling curly hair. Another way to find your niche is to look at your sweet spot client and identify their needs. This will help you figure out what to offer to best serve them, have them rebook in hordes, and leave glowing reviews.

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