Recently, we had an interview with Alarna Bell, Melbourne makeup legend and Stylemee Ambassador, about starting and growing a freelance beauty business.

For 18 years, Alarna had her own salon, and in May 2018, she took a leap of faith and decided to close the salon and go freelance. Simply because everyone was booking her on location.

As an example, last year, Alarna did over a hundred wedding bookings and only three of those bookings came into the salon. Nowadays, people want you to do their hair and makeup in the comforts of their own home.

Are you a salon owner, looking to maintain a competitive edge? Here’s why you should get in on that wave of the freelance economy trend now.

The no. 1 thing clients want today is to save time

Many freelance beauty professionals are thriving despite competition from salons. In fact, in the current economic climate, salon owners could probably take a leaf out of the freelance beauty professionals’ book.

In modern fast-paced society, it’s all about convenience. The population has become a different type of consumer, one that’s glued to services like Uber, Netflix and Airbnb.

If people are going to a place, like a salon, they want to have a different experience and offering, and they want it yesterday. Otherwise, they just turn to technology.

As a salon owner, you will need to start adapting to these changes in the industry. You’ve got to be able to get out there and service these people where they want you. Otherwise, you will surely get left behind.  


Service both salon clients and mobile clients

Even if you have a well-established salon, that’s regularly busy, and that gives you lots of clients to work with, you probably still have quiet days or moments. So, why not make the most of it, and start offering your services to mobile clients too?

Servicing both salon clients and mobile clients is a great way to gradually crossover to the freelance path, and with Stylemee, you can set up an online booking page for your salon in less than 30 minutes.

Your personal Stylemee page allows you to showcase your work, and manage your calendar, client bookings, and payments in a simple and secure way.

Next time one of your staff members has a quiet day or a few gaps, simply update their availability in the Stylemee Pro app and start taking bookings.