Over the last couple of years, technology has really stepped up. With apps like Uber, Tinder, and Airbnb, we have instant access to almost anything. As a freelance hair and makeup professional, it’s important to keep up with that.

If you want to stay on top of the game without exhausting yourself, it’s time to take your business online. Get rid of pen and paper, and invest in a scheduling app to help you make money.

We’ve broken down exactly how a scheduling app will impact your hair and makeup business.


It’s your 24/7 front desk

No more missing out on appointments when you’re not available to answer the phone. Having a scheduling app allows clients to book your services 24/7. They pick a time and date, enter their information, hit the “book” button, and it’s done. It’s as simple as that.


It’s free marketing

Having an online booking page is not only a 24/7 front desk, but it’s also a 24/7 lookbook that makes marketing on social media easy and completely free. Post your work on social media, interact with existing clients, and get exposure to new clients. All you need to do is add your personal booking page URL to the post or your bio.


It’s a time and money saver

As a freelance hair and makeup professional, you’re not just providing services to clients. You’re doing a lot of work in the background too, such as marketing and bookkeeping. A scheduling app allows you to manage your calendar, bookings, and payments all in one place, saving you lots of time and money. Find out more reasons why a scheduling app will save you time and money in our previous article “Make more money with the Stylemee Pro app”.


It’s what your clients want

Millennials love online services, and they don’t like talking on the phone. They want things to be easy and instant. With a scheduling app, there’s no need for them to make pestering phone calls anymore. They can just book your services online.


It’s all about working smarter not harder, so get yourself a scheduling app now. Stylemee makes running a freelance hair and makeup business super simple. With the Stylemee Pro app, you can manage your profile, calendar, bookings and payments anywhere and anytime.

Sign up now, and download the Stylemee Pro app on Android or iOS.